Life lately...

Basically just a random photo dump and some rambling about our last few weeks. We have had lots of family and friend time, school drop off/pick ups and doctors/dentist/surgeon/endodontist appointments. 

Last weekend we celebrated Hannah and Noelle's birthday and had a fun "faux snow ball" fight. The kids loved it!

Cousin Mila Anne

Birthday girls

I frequently have to wake this one up for carpool pick ups...I love sneaking in her room slowly picking her up and getting some extra cuddles before we leave!

My church Pokeno friends and I had a fun dinner and Bingo night in Plano this week...we laughed til we much fun

Finally redoing my root canal from college that started causing me some trouble...have to torture myself again in 2 weeks to clean it out again then a new crown...just take all my money...insert eye roll! My teeth are worth thousands haha

Showing the dental hygienist he is "fou" aka four

Just causing trouble and turning us into a circus at the dentist

Quick sealant on her permanent molar we discovered last week...

They have the sweetest relationship...he walked in and went straight to hold her still my heart

Just making herself comfy on the so clean floor...insert more eye rolls...

Souvide eggs in the InstantPot....deilcious

Tire rotation with this crazy night...I have a love/hate relationship for the 1-3 year old age;)

Pretty obsessed with Maileg mice...she loves ALL of them...

Quick lunch with these sweet cousins a few weeks ago after watching Lexi's volleyball game!

Unplanned football gathering and watching with friends=pulling out the fun gear

First pigtails required documentation....I swear her hair grew overnight...and so did she...where did my baby go?

Family gathering for my sweet sis's gender's a 

BOY!! can't wait for ALL the baby snuggles.

School drop off...

Library fun with these two crazies

Eye doctor appt for this little to make sure eye sight wasn't the culprit of her frequent headaches...

Sister pick up with these cuties

the sweetest date with my biggest and friends to see Frisco Highschool's musical Tarzan....big sis Claire was incredible..

Love this sweet new friend this year...

Cayson you need a jacket and shoes to help me get the hot tub ready...#nailedit

 Nail date...two dates in one week:)

Such a fun, crazy busy filled few weeks...I vowed to get things done this year and we are making it happen!!

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