Valentine's day style and gifts

Finalizing our kiddos Valentine's Day outfits and gifts. We always do something small and I like to add a thoughtful gift to go along with it. I ordered this cute suspender skirt for Isabella, and am obsessed with this arrow shirt for Cayson paired with some red pants. I can't wait for our Valentine's Day photos this year. Praying Addilyn cooperates, she's a handful these days haha. For our little thoughtful gifts to go along with all the candy and fun sweets I am grabbing Isabella this Sweat heart cross body  hopefully I can snatch it when she restocks. We are completely obsessed with all things Maileg and I plan to grab Cayson this Super Hero and Addilyn this adorable dog (she would not put it down in the store the other day). What do you do for your kiddos for Valentine's Day?

I have always loved all the red, pink and hearts that Valentines brings and kids just make it all that more fun!!

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