f r i d a y favorites



ONE. Pink Chicken . Pink Chicken just dropped their summer collection and it is to DIE for. We have been obsessed with Pink Chicken since I discovered them at a Sample Sale when I was pregnant with Isabella. The cuteness and quality can't be matched!! Truly our favorite. I shared our new bathing suits on my IG this week!! Use this link for $20 off your first order. 

Aren't these suits to die for?!

TWO. Anthro day.....20% off everthing + Free shipping. I grabbed this adorable suitcase in pink for Addi's biurthday that I have been eyeing. Linking a few of my orhter favorites. Run....it's today only!!

THREE. Broken bow...I mentioned we ventured off to Broken Bow last week..I'm still dreaming of the open air and sunshine...working on my recap...hopefully done next week.

FOUR. Meal planning...I've been trying to be SO much better about meal prepping for the week. I feel like we eat healthier and spend less when I do.

On the menu this week:
Tuesday-Steaks + cauliflower mash
Wednesday-Boursin chicken
Thursday-Burgers + wedge salads
Friday-eat out night!

We find our favorite Grassfed meat at Target/Market Street/Costco

FIVE. Playdates...Isabella has perfected the after school playdates and I love it. Each day she lets me know who she talked to at school about coming over to play. She also knows when she needs a NO playdate day and spend some time with her brother. Goodness I could not adore her more. Also, my little Addi is losing her baby chub and my heart wasn't quite ready for it. 

Girl squad
Be still my heart


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