life lately

Just a quick photo dump and glimpse into our crazy days lately....
After her refusing to take garage door pictures with her siblings she now refuses to leave the house WITHOUT getting her picture haha #toddler

Goodness those sweet eyes, cheeks and pigtails!!
She is the cutest hot mess and handful on the planet
Grabbing dinner and tacos before sisters open house

Another garage picture before dinner with her stick and wash cloth:)
Open house for our biggest...she was SO excited, ran around everywhere and couldn't wait to show us all the things. She was so adorable and so proud...she has truly flourished and loved kinder...all her little friendships and watching her soar and learn....oh be still my heart!
They were matching:) The sweetest teacher...we couldn't have asked for a better one this year!

Our little Dixie had another bout of pancreatitis and was SO, SO sick...thankful she is on the mend!
This girl decided 10 minutes before school she wanted to dress up for Sock hop day. She was so cute!!

Girl's dinner night and ballet to celebrate my sweet sister this annual tradition

For the final day of Dr. Seuss week Cayson had to dress up like a 100 year old man...he sure was the cutest if you ask me!

And this adorable girl wanted in on the fun too! 
Just blowing some bubbles 
Had the best night celebrating this guys birthday. SO thankful for the Ellis'
We love them!

This girl is the cuddliest!

Her dad when she acts crazy will shake his fist and jokingly say "I'm going to bust you up"
She now copies it and it might be the cutest thing I have ever seen!

We found this baby doll for $3 for my doll obsessed girl! She was so excited. She loves babies as much as her momma!!

Happiest Spring Break week!
 Going to enjoy the less full schedule and need to get packing for our quick get away!

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