Spring Break 2019-Broken Bow, part one

You guys we headed to Broken Bow, Oklahoma for Spring Break this year with some friends and had the absolute best time. I am a major beach girl and was sad we didn't get to head to Florida with some other sweet friends (hello 2 year old and 5 people on a flight-seemed too much mentally and financially this year-hopefully next year), but Broken Bow did not disappoint. My outdoor loving kids were in heaven and it was absolutely beautiful and we lucked out with the most beautiful weather I wouldn't have minded a little warmer but it was perfect!

We headed down Thursday and met up at the house and had a low key evening with stick picking, fire pit and smores. 

Friday-we headed to canoe....it was absolutely beautiful. I learned the hard way that Dennis is not a stellar canoer after we almost all fell in (Dennis did fall in) after hitting a rock in some rapids. We were wet and freezing and the kids were little stressed about falling in but we made it. 5 people in an unsteady canoe over freezing water ...that will teach you team work and survival skills haha. Friday night we ate at Grateful Head pizza-delicious! 
We loaded up the kiddos suitcases the night before and they wanted to pose with them:)

We arrived and this sweet girl was in heaven. 

The cabin....pictures don't do it justice...it was beautiful

Cute little vacation gifts made by Cristina....I was in charge of the boys who got a huge bottle of Whiskey, whiskey ice cube make

They were all cute and excited....

My little fire master and his side kick!


The canoeing kids....we survived! Ha

Look how beautiful!
how beautiful!

"Dennis, don't freak out so we don't all fall back in"
Our sweet big girls organized their whole room...they are just like their mommas!

Smores night...there favorite

And this girl was the most incredible trooper.... I think she just loved ALL the outdoor time!

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