2 years-Addilyn

Sweet Addilyn, Addi Jo, Addi jojo, how in the world are you already TWO!!! I know I say this all the time but time needs to slow down. You are our little caboose and the baby stage and now toddler stage are slipping from my grasp far faster than I would like. You are seriously the perfect little caboose, you are strong, you are sassy and you are SO cuddly. You can hold your own and put your brother in his place anytime you need to, haha!

 A C T I V I T Y/ P E R S O N A L I T Y

You have SO much personality. You still are behind in speech (in my opinion) but get everything/anything you want still. You sign eat, more and please in the cutest way I have ever seen. That and the "hehe" as you wave someone towards you...may be my most favorite things ever. You also will hang on the refrigerator or bang on the pantry until you get what you want...basically what more could you need. No wonder you don't talk it's easier to demand with gestures, haha! You are physically SO incredible active and agile it is crazy. I forget you are only 2 sometimes because you are so independent. You could (against our wishes) climb in and out of your own highchair since 14 months old. I'm shocked you haven't climbed out of your crib yet but I'm sure it's coming. 

You have the sassiest, bossiest yet most tender personality. You will hit your brother if he pesters you too much but will be the first to run and hug him if he is crying. You are very much a typical strong willed third child. Strong to protect yourself but super sweet. 

Banana and losing some baby leg chub:(

As soon as you can say the word "potty" I think we will be potty trained, ha

So cute and sassy!

The pool and outside...two of your favorite things!


You are seriously the best sleeper. You are also great if you miss a nap or don't get enough sleep thankfully. I usually put you down to bed around 7 and you are up like clock work at 6:30 every morning. You are a great napper and typically nap from about 11:30-2:30. I wake you up for Cayson's school pick up when he has school and its the sweetest. I hate waking you up but you sure are cuddly:) You took forever and a day to sleep through the night (I honestly think you loved the middle of the night feedings and cuddles), but now sleep great!


You are already so picky but are also my major snacker. I swear you might get in one good meal a day but then prefer to snack ALL day. You bang on the fridge or say "eat, eat, eat" at the pantry all day long. You love to carry around a yogurt drink and chocolate milk... you could probably live off of that and bananas if I let you! It has taken us forever to get you to eat meat (complete opposite of your brother and sister) but you will eat some now. Thankfully you still love fruit and veggie pouches or we would be in trouble. 
You absolutely love being outside...you would live outside if you could!


Your ear tubes have been life changing...you still have had a few random colds with runny noses but nothing like we were experiencing before them. I am so thankful for them and so glad we decided to do it when we did. Praying your hearing and speech catch up but I know that will happen one day! As I said before your speech is a little delayed...I am praying it just blows up at 2 1/2. Physically you are so active and strong. You are my wild/brave child. You want to keep up with brother and sister and I have to remind myself you are only 2!

Happy TWO years Addi Jo!

Weight: 25 lbs (46%ile)
Length: 34.45 (63%ile)
Head: 18.58 (50% ile)

Diapers: Size 4
Sleep: 12 hours (6:30-6:30)
Clothes size: 18 months-2T
Shoe size: Size 7
Teeth: 18

Shots today: Hep A

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