f r i d a y favorites


ONE. Tattooist of Auschwitz...just finished this book. It is SO, SO good. My friend recommended it to me. It is heart wrenching at times but the story of love and survival was incredible. My BFF has a running list of books on her phone with categories and info...I'm determined to do the same one day or maybe even on here so I don't forget.

TWO. Friendcation 6.0. I still need to share photos from Friendcation 6.0 last weekend but this week has been crazy. These friends mean more to me than anything. They give me life and keep me sane. We embarked on our 6th (maybe 5th) friendcation to Hot Springs, this year sans kids, last weekend! It was perfection, just what this momma needed.

THREE. Urban Decay Naked2 palette...speaking of  Friendcation, my girls keep me cool and stylish and we were chatting all the things of course and my bestie recommended this palette to me. I have been in desperate need of a new eye shadow palette since my Urban Decay Naked2 basic palette ran out. I loved Alissa's eye shadow all weekend so I copied her and just grabbed this one. I can't wait to get it and it came with a eye shadow primer and sample mascara for a limited time! Winning!!

FOUR. Mother's day gifts...I've been on the struggle bus this year and have had the hardest time deciding what to get my incredible mom and MIL. (Marsha don't read this part before Mother's day;)). I wanted to do something besides my usual pedicures and massages. I am loving these O Venture key rings. They are so perfect to grab when you don't want to lug in your whole purse i.e the gym or everywhere;) Throw on a Tile locator and you are set to go. Tile mates are the best things for anyone constantly losing things. Throw it on anything or in anything and it can help you find it!! I'm thinking a monogram bracelet from Our Spare Change plus some essential oils for my momma. Everything from  Our Spare Change  is perfection!!

FIVE. Teacher & Nurse appreciation week...wrapping up Teacher and nurses appreciation week. Two of my favorite appreciation weeks. We delighted on our teachers all week as well as the nurses I work with. We kept it simple this year since life has been crazy but I think they felt loved nonetheless. Last year I did cute monogrammed Corckicle cups and lipgloss:)

Favorite flowers with a Target giftcard attached

My sweet girl and her current favorite hair style:)

Favorite things and Target gift cards for the specials teachers and nurse!!

Happiest Friday friends....I have been dreaming for the weekend...ready for some nice weather though...good by cold and rain!

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