Friendcation 6.0

Friendcation 6.0 in this books...3 days, best friends, no kiddos=priceless. We started these Friendcations when our littles were just babies and now that we have a lot amongst us the last few have been sans kiddos and its been glorious. These friends of mine are more precious to me than rubies, my life line, my saving grace, my prayer warriors, my confidants, life giving. Life giving friendships that have seen each other through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. What is even more precious is the friendships that have developed among our husbands.....SO thankful.

We ate, we derby'd, we drank, we visited, we laughed, we got real and I came home refreshed. I could have used one more day to take a hike around gorgeous Hot Springs, but I think I say that with every vacation...I just needed one more day. It's never enough....until next year!! 
Had so much fun drinking Mint Juleps and cheering on horses

We some how all ended up bringing the mom game strong with our denim jackets...funny story we went into a jewelry store downtown to dream and look and when we told the owner "we are just a bunch of moms enjoying time without kids" he seriously said, "I can tell by the jackets" haha!! Nailed it!

Meanwhile at home...the kiddos stayed one night with Marsha and one night with my parents and did not have fun at all, clearly. They love auntie Pam, mamaw's best friend. 
Park fun with Mimi and Popi
Tent sleepover
How many people can we cram in a Armada....tons obviously

View outside our AirBnb

The boys!
Mint juleps with my B2FITW3

Love these two more than life itself...

45 minutes to receive one margarita, umelted queso, beautiful view but we opted for pizza back at home ha
Thanks to my sweet friend Shanna, Isabella did not miss Brynley's birthday party

I think it was a perfect and successful weekend for us all!

Goodness so thankful for friends, my beautiful kiddos and incredible grandparents that make quick getaways possible!!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I like the idea of a vacation with friends every year.