Ladies night...Pokeno fun

Thanks to one of my sweet friends I started joining some of the sweetest ladies for monthly 
Pokeno nights. It's a night where we can eat, fellowship, laugh, drink and play Pokeno. It is such a fun game and so easy....we throw in tons of prizes making it even more fun. I have horrible luck but have managed to come home with a few fun gifts:) 

How we do it: each girl brings a $20 gift....whoever wins a hand gets to pick a gift. Once all the gifts are opened, we do a few rounds of stealing gifts. Each person puts in $1 for the loser pile and $5 for the winner pile. Our final game is blackout and whoever wins that round gets the winners pot. The loser pot goes to whoever never won a hand. If there isn't a loser we save it in an envelope for the next month....whew that sounds like a lot but it is so fun. I highly recommend. The perfect excuse to have some girl time and hopefully go home with some cash or a cute gift. If my friend Kaiti sits by me I inevitably don't win (hello ADD, hello talking and laughing too much);) But so worth it. The $20 gift can be, cash, gift card, candles, skin care, home name it we love it! The hostess for the evening provides dinner and drinks...the perfect combination for a fun evening. 

I hosted this month and did easy ham and cheese sliders. We had just gotten in town so I needed something quick and easy. I reference my blog all the time so went back to see what I fixed last time and couldn't find it on the blog so I'm throwing in some of those pics.

Dinner menu
Appetizer: cheese, crackers, fruit
Pasta salad
Dessert: Slutty brownies (sorry for the name, ha)

My cousin's delicious pasta recipe:
Bowtie Pasta-1 box
Kalamata olives-1 jar
One purple onion (diced)
Sun dried tomatoes (chopped)
Feta cheese

Sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil
Basil leaves (few bundles chopped)
Red wine vinegar (1.5 cups)
Olive oil (1.5 cups)
Parmigiana cheese (Chopped)
Water (1 cup)
Blend above in food processor (it makes a lot but is delicous)

Charcuterie tray from last time I hosted. I worked this day so served it with sandwiches from Market Street, Sprinkles cupcakes and wine, of course!!

Ladies I can't recommend girl's nights more! SO vital to this momma soul!

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