30A/Seaside recap #1

I have been anxiously awaiting the season when our kids would be old enough to brave a long road trip to Seaside and the day finally came. A few (maybe 99) toddler tantrums from ahem Addi boo didn't get us down. We made it and it did not disappoint. The pictures don't do it justice. We actually stayed in Providence 30A and it was perfect. It is right across from the Hub and has a community pool we jumped in every afternoon after the beach to get the sand off. It's centrally located so we made trips to Panama City (to ride a Catamaran), Aly's beach to eat, Seaside to beach/eat/shop, and Destin for the boys to deep sea fish. 

This was our house in Prominence 30A. It was so adorable and the perfect space for us. 

On the drive down we stopped half way in Mississippi. We got a later start than originally planned because we were waiting on this sweet boy to arrive. Shepherd James I am in love!! This worked out perfectly for us and we hit up breakfast bright and early to get on the road. 

They couldn't wait to open their new LOL dolls.

These boxes with colors etc were a life saver.

We couldn't check in until 4 so we headed straight to the Hub to eat and grab a drink. This is a must stop place when in Seaside. Outdoor food trucks, evening movie nights and entertainment. Perfect with kids. 

We somewhat meal planned ahead of the trip so we knew exactly what we needed. We were shopping for 15 and our receipt was impressive:)

Bright and early we headed straight to Seaside beach. We hung at the beach all day, ate at Pickles...a must, the pickles were so good we went back our last day for more:) Then we headed back to the pool, if you can find a place with a pool its the perfect place to rinse off all the sand so you don't track it into the house and shower!

She was the sweetest and best beach napper. I soaked up all the cuddles!

This sweet snaggle tooth finally lost this tooth and another on the trip!

She wasn't quite so sure about the sand...she did not like it on her hands at all!

She did love jumping in the waves though:)

These cheap inter-tubes were the best. Boogie boards and inner-tubes are a must!

SO incredibly beautiful

Her little teeth and curls:)

Dennis rented a canoe and it was so fun and exhausting

This is how I felt about Pickle's too!

It was the perfect start to a beautiful and fun trip!

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