Lake Tahoe fun....most beautiful wedding

A few weeks ago we embarked on the most beautiful trip to Lake Tahoe get my sweet cousin and high school friend Stephanie get married....yes I am responsible for hooking them up;) It was truly one of the most beautiful places, I had never been to the mountains in the summer and absolutely loved it. It was beautiful. The rehearsal night was a tad chilly but beautiful. The views were unreal. 

And I adore Brett and Stephanie more than words. It was SO fun to get to be there for their beautiful day. 

Scenic view on the way

rehearsal night

Beautiful Bride 

My sweet precious Kelly

The most delicious crab cake

Love them!

The moment Andra said Stephanie is funnier....they are both hilarious. Brett's sense of humor was my favorite growing up

Ready to hike!!

The pictures don't do it justice

Wedding time

'Cutest ring bearer

My adorable dad did an incredible job officiating

My precious grandparents

Gondala ride to the top

Back at sweet precious babies were loved on by Mamaw

If you have not been to lake Tahoe. You must go. I would love to take the kids back on day!!

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