30A/Seaside recap #2

Sorry for all the recaps but I wanted to savor all the memories....Wednesday was Seaside and we had Spaghetti night. 

Thursday we decided to head to Seagrove beach (it was not crowded at all and was so perfect)! 

Friday we did a quick shopping trip and decided to do a pool day and had a burger cook out by the pool, it was perfection. We headed back to celebrate Cayson's "Tractor/beach 5th birthday party" with cake and singing. It was the cheapest, easiest party I've ever thrown:) It's all he wanted. 

Saturday we hit the beach again and did fresh fish taco night, delish!!! 

Sunday we said goodbye to the other McDonald crew and the kids requested a "no beach day," who are these kids, so we found a fun Catamarran that took you out to water games, paddle boards, banana boat and more in Panama City and had an absolute blast! We ate at the Hub that night and watched a movie on the big screen, so fun! The kids got bored so we didn't last long. 

Catamaran fun

This is how we beach
I could get used to living somewhere where you bike or golf cart everywhere
This kid could dig in the sand all day long!!

The whole crew at the pool

He did this at his last birthday party and we all died. I hope it will be an annual tradition.
The girl cousins got these shirts as souvenirs!! SO cute!

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