Back to school favorites

I cannot believe it is officially August and the summer is drawing to an end. Where did the summer go? Rounding up a few of our back to school favorites. Have you seen all the cute locker decor at Target this year? Taking my sweet niece, headed into middle school, back to school shopping next week and I can't wait to see what she picks for her locker:)

My kiddos all got new backpacks this year. We don't get new ones every year but Cayson's was 3 years old so he picked this adorable camo one and Isabella really wanted a gold one. Addi is starting preschool this year, be still my heart. Isabella picked this adorable pink one for her. Her nap mat is so incredibly adorable. I want one in my size:) And of course Isabella needs all the tassels for her backpack.

This backpack was a close second for Isabella and I really liked this one for Cayson and tried to convince him to get one of these Fjallraven backpacks. I'm probably going to just have to get myself one. I think this one would also have been adorable for Addi.

These back to school labels are a must have. I posted them on instagram and got so many questions about them. I have a set of these labels for each kiddo for all their clothes etc. They are machine washable and dishwasher safe!

We have been using these Lunchbots for years. They are pricey but they have lasted us over 3 years so far. I like the large size because they fit a sandwich in the big part. Reusable snack bags are an absolute must, I don't ever use sandwich bags, except for the one time Isabella requested goldfish in a regular baggie;) These Itzy Ritzy are my favorite and one of my favorite IG girls introduced me to these! Pricey but they both last forever!

Each kiddo also has a water bottle like these from Pottery Barn kids!! They are my favorite!

All three kiddos need new tennis shoes for back to school so we will be hitting up Nordstrom this week. This pair is super fun and I love these for Addi. Love this classic pair too! I'm sure Isabella will request a Jojo pair, insert eye roll! Ha!

Happy August...savor these last days of summer!!

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