Dinosaur Valley and Fossil Rim

We rounded out our summer with a fun quick little trip to Dinousar Valley State Park and Fossil Rim. If you haven't done this with your family it is a must. We learned the day before that you can actually stay at Fossil Rim and get a guided tour, insert eye roll. There is fun lodging and tons of bed and breakfast but they book fast.  Life got crazy and we didn't look for hotels, bed & breakfast quite fast enough. but we stayed at the Best Western and it was cheap and perfect for a fun overnight. Next time we will be staying at Fossil Rim and doing the guided tour so we can feed the giraffes. Also dinosaur valley is a must, it is beautiful, plan to sweat and bring your bathing suits to jump in and enjoy. 

When we arrived our room wasn't quite ready so we grabbed a quick delicious BBQ lunch at Hammond's BBQ, highly recommend, SO delicious!

We then headed to Dinosaur Valley, we skipped the park because it was so hot but loved playing in the water and hiking a bit. Then we headed back to the hotel to swim before we had dinner at Riverhouse Grill. It was also SO delicious. We celebrated our sweet Cayson's 5th birthday with some cupcakes too. 

Auntie Allison got the kids these cute bags....they were a life saver and the kids were in love!

We headed to Fossil rim at 8 am which was opening time and there was already a short line. Apparently on Saturdays they see 500+ cars. I recommend arriving early when its not too hot and the animals are hungry!!

Ww grabbed lunch at Storiebook cafe and ice cream on the square before heading hime. The sweetest little quick trip with the best of friends.

We arrived home just in time for a fun back to school shopping trip with our besties.