f r i d a y favorites


ONE. Off to school....my last baby is officially off to preschool. I've worked the days she has been in a school so far, but what in the world am I going to do with myself when I have a day with all 3 kids in school?! Addilyn was so excited to start school like bubby and sissy. Her teacher said she was comical and going to definitely be a class leader....sounds about right?! Cayson is going to love having Addi right next door. I am thankful he gets this year with her at school before he heads off to kinder!!

I buy these cute Cat and Jack polos and get them monogrammed at my local monogram place....my favorite...he has several colors every year:)
3 lunches, 3 snacks, 3 waters,  3 backpacks, 2 nap mats....getting ready for a school day feels like a full time job!!

TWO. Sunglasses....Addi has been requesting "Gasses" for months and we finally ordered her, her own and I am in love. She is also requesting her own hat like bubba...I need to get on that! I also love, love these sunglasses and these hats are SO cute!

THREE. Pool time and the cutest goggles. Since its still 9000 degrees outside in Texas we have spent as many hours as possible in the pool. The kids found these goggles while we were in Seaside and they are obsessed. Cayson also loved these Shark version.

FOUR. Art class...I shared my love for Art Class for Target and it is currently 20% off so we stocked up online yesterday!! Can't wait to get some fall clothes in...maybe it will bring cooler weather with its arrival:)

FIVE. Family time...Monday we went to Hawaiian Falls with the Dowling crew. I am SO thankful for how everyone has rallied and walked alongside Justin and Kelly during this season. Losing Kelly last weekend is hands down one of the most devastating, heart wrenching things...we are praising the Lord that she is partying in heaven, cancer and pain free but the Earthly loss sure is heavy. I have never met a more precious soul. We are all gathering again tonight to surround Justin and the kiddos and will celebrate her precious life next week. 

Happy Friday! Ready for some family time!

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