Life lately...

To say life has been insane lately would be an understatement. It has been quite the valley for use and difficult season but in it we know He is still good. We have tried to spend our time around lots of family, friends and as much laughter as we can muster. The physical and emotional stress of the last month hit me like a freight train last week when I came down with horrible pneumonia that almost landed me in the hospital if I didn't "slow down" per the doctor. I'm still not 100% but at least I can breath. I am ready for some reprieve from this season and earnestly looking and praying for the future..

We met one of my absolute besties and her adorable family at our local Play Street....I think Cayson's smile shows how much fun we had!

These two
Addi is obsessed with babies and just wanted to hold Hallie the whole time!

We celebrated Ella with the cutest unicorn party there ever was!!
She hung this on her door so we are in the, she picks out all her own outfits and prefers shorts and t-shirts over dresses stage....I adore it and also miss all the cute clothes;)

Our sweet little Dixie baby...we sure miss you tons. She drown in our pool about a week ago, something that we never imagined, and we are still SO heartbroken. We miss her sweet barks every morning telling us she is ready to come inside, her kisses on our toes and her incessant love for cuddles. She truly was the best, sweetest dog there ever was.
I'm so glad I grabbed this photo of them a few months ago!

 We have embraced the 9000 dress up days already.....and they still keep coming
Vaughn shirt and crazy sock day
80s day! Tutu-I love Plum

I grabbed this tutu thinking we would be going to the Jojo Siwa concert but Isabella decided she didn't really want to go! #winning

We went to the Craniofacial Association picnic and got the cutest face paintings I've ever seen and spent some time with some of my favorite patients. 

We officially started fall flag football, if now Texas weather could get the memo and cool off!

Love these sweet sisters 

We spent some times at the lake with some friends while the dad's fantasy footballed in Colorado!
The best birthday present ever! Mask-Amazon

This sweet girl!! I could not love her more!!

Since my sweet Kelly ran to the arms of Jesus we have spent as much time as a family as we possibly could and I love it! Wrapping the sweet Dowling family up in all the love and prayers!

Love this sweet cousin of mine. SO thankful for her!
My baby addicts couldn't get Shep isn't loved at all;)

Cutest cousins!!

Amen! SO True!

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