f r i d a y favorites


ONE. Makeup. Okay, okay I admit I have never been a makeup or beauty junkie but as I've gotten older and my skin is, lets just say not as fresh, I have found myself looking for better products. Like I've stepped foot into Sephora 3 times in the last 6 months for the first time in probably 10 years, yep, its true! Also, helps that the littles are in school now so I'm not telling a 2 year old not to touch things every 2 sections.  I used to just grab whatever I could find at Target....and I still grab some essentials there but I have fallen in love with a few new beauty products in the last several months. I think it started with my discovery of Urban decay's eye shadow primer and The Naked 3 palette. These are my go to favorites. I still only spend about 5-10 minutes applying makeup, ain't no working momma have more time than that but I have found some things I really like. 

Now that I have stepped out of my comfort zone my next step is to learn and attempting a simple contour kit. I have seen some girls who do it so good and I love it!

This Studio fix powder has been my go to for probably a decade. I suck at liquid foundation so I Love that this is a powder but gives decent coverage. I am going to have to get better at liquid foundation as my skin ages, sigh!

This Chanel lip stain is amazing. One of the sweet girls was wearing it in Vegas and I was obsessed. It stayed on her ALL day. I love that it doesn't get pasty or flake on me! I got Sweet Berry but now need ALL the colors. 

This Shape Tape contour and concealer is my newest find and obsession. I love this sponge for it too. I've heard incredible things about Urban Decay all nighter spray, once I master contouring this will be on my list!

This probably should have been its own post;)

TWO. Sweet as a Peach. We celebrated my sweet sis Heather's baby on the way last weekend with the cutest fruit shower. I can't wait to share all the pics. Praying sweet baby K keeps growing big and strong and for the perfect due date. 

My dress is Vici Dolls-my current favorite online boutique 

THREE. Amazon. I know I have professed my love for Amazon multiple times but guys it just gets better and better. There isn't anything you can't find on Amazon. Just ordered a new fridge water filter and air filters for the house, can I get an amen that I don't have to go to Home Depot for those. I also grabbed a few sweaters recommended by some of my favorite bloggers and they didn't disappoint. Dog food is my other absolute favorite thing on Amazon, 1- I don't have to lug a huge bag around the store and 1-I don't have to make an extra pet store trip! Winning!

Give me all the leopard and kimonos too!!

FOUR. Date day....we try to make an effort to take our kiddos on one on one dates. Our kids look forward to them and ask for them ALL the time. Cayson had to get a cavity filled so we decided to make a date out of the day. His choice...Chuckee Cheese and honestly on a week day there was hardly anyone there. It was the perfect day. Love getting time with my little by ourselves.
Cotton Candy...his favorite

He was so proud of all his tickets and even picked prizes unprompted for his sisters, be still my heart!!

FIVE. Flag football season is almost over and it's the weekend and we finally have fall weather in the full weekend forecast.

And had to share these sweet school pictures:)

Happy weekend friends!

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