Buddy the Elf...Elf ideas

Buddy the Elf arrived this year after several years of Isabella asking I caved. All of her friends in school had an elf so she didn't understand why she didn't. I'm not huge on using things to manipulate my children so we did it more of a fun activity. Watching the kids excitement and faces every morning was worth every middle of the night wake up to move said Elf. I had more fun than I should admit;) Saving a few of my favorite ideas here for next year:)
Buddy's arrival came with Disney on ice tickets and yummy donuts

Buddy brought these adorable and delicious cookies made by my sweet friend of Sugar Butter Bakery!

We had a fun Christmas party at our house and Buddy got touched by one too many kiddos that night so he had a sick day:)
Just making some snow angels!

Buddy brought some cute new mugs and hot chocolate

Cleaning out the seat cushions...they were actually clean this down so I had to round up random items;)

Snowman donuts for the win!

Many of the dark photos are the nights I jumped out of bed and remembered the dang elf, ha

We were going on 2 weeks of everyone getting styes so the kids conjured up how to try to catch the stye monster and Buddy made it happen!

He toilet papered our Christmas tree:)

Trying to learn the floos

One of the easiest middle of the night adventures!

Caught in the fridge. I need some more accessories for next year;)

Do you have an Elf? Do you have fun with it or just move it?

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