Favorite things party....

I shared a few gift ideas for Favorite things parties last week and I had two more this week and thought I would share the favorites....My girl's group brought 3 gifts for $10 and I loved it. I brought these gloves in blush and they all 3 got frozen so I'd say they were a hit. We played 3 rounds of stealing and each gift was frozen after 2 steals. I loved everything that all the girl's brought. These makeup brushes and these hair rubber bands were the other huge hits. It was fun to walk away with 3 fun things too. Our church group did one $20 favorite things gift per couple. We brought an Echo dot of course;)

 Headed to our church holiday parties....we all Ugly Sweatered it up;) The kids hung at our house with babysitters while the adults partied at another house...best idea ever!

All these favorites linked here

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