friday favorites


ONE. Christmas trees....I ran into Walmart today to grab some medicine for my MIL and these trees were right next to the pharmacy. I haven't seen a better deal. I grabbed each kid a tree for ~$20 and the joy and suprise on their faces after school were worth every penny. My sweet aware Isabella tried to slip me $20 in my wallet because she felt bad I spent money on her. Where does this even come from, the most precious giving soul ever!

These are the exact trees I purchased and love them!

TWO. Pajama photos...these Christmas pajama photos may have easily become my favorite photos of the year. Dennis was out of town the weekend we took them so I decided to jump in a few and I'm so glad I did. Mommas jump in some photos...I promise you won't regret it!

THREE. Elf on the Shelf...I have fought this for over 2 years with my sweet Isabella but finally caved this year she said "I really, really hope we get an Elf this year." The kids joy and giggles have been worth every minute already! I might be having too much fun with it ha!

 FOUR. Favorite things..I have a second favorite things party on the books and I can't wait. I'm taking Glamour wash for the first and my Isle of Paradise tanner for the second party...these might be my favorite holiday parties of all time. 

FIVE. Its the weekend...we have 2 holiday parties and 3 birthday parties planned ....whew, but I'm so thankful for time off with the kiddos. 

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