Holiday gift ideas...

I hope you have wrapped up all your holiday shopping. I like to put my gifts for teachers/classmates on my blog every year so I can reference it when needed. I was WAY behind in teacher gift shopping this year. I always do a gift card but like to wrap them up cute and I was fresh out of ideas this year so each teacher got something from their favorites list to go with it. I don't usually do candles or coffee mugs because most teachers get way too many of them but two of the teachers mentioned them in their favorites so I ran with it.

 A few of my favorite gifts this year...

I am loving how this sweet gift turned out for my tweenager niece. It is filled with some fun makeup goodies...what her mom requested for her:)

Teacher cards and small trinkets...

The Nordstrom gift cards were adorable this year. I loved how this turned out. Can I be a teacher around Christmas time?! Ha!

Gift wrapping has always been my favorite...loving all the fun inspo on Instagram this year. Mommas who used to scrap book...all your scrapbook goodies are perfect for gift wrapping.

This was a birthday gift but I love how the Joy Creative Shop stickers make them so much cuter

I needed 22 small gifts..
.sorry I took this late at night so the color wasn't the best. I love how these Ever Co tags turned out!

Happy almost Christmas. T-3 days!

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