life lately...

Christmas break and season just flew by. Anyone else still in somewhat of recovery mode. Trying to get all the memories and pictures up on the blog for the future and this ole blog/internet thing will probably be old news when the kids grow up so my efforts may be in vain;) But I still love it so here it is!
We headed to The Star in Frisco to see Santa, have dinner and watch the fun show (that apparently we either missed in 2 minutes or it got cancelled) we still aren't sure;) But we still managed to have a blast and will definitely find a not so Cowboy themed Santa for next year!

Kendra Scott had the cutest hot chocolate bar!

This girl and her outfits she comes up with. I hope she never loses her spunk and zest for life and what's with that blogger hand pose;)
Oh hello ugly blue and Santa...I totally wanted a redo but we ran out of time so blue Cowboy Santa photo it is

Came home to ALL of my family asleep...This NEVER happens!

These adorable paintable cookies from my friend at Polka dot bakery were a huge hit

Isabella and I went to my sweet friend Jaimee's new beautiful house for the cutest "Tea party" you ever did see!

Cutest little kid craft! Jaimee is party planning goals!

Addi knows how to eat an Up cake. Who needs a fork;)
School performances and party marathon day!

Our handsome Beau.

Can you believe how quickly 2019 has flown?

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