Happy 2020. You know my word for 2019 was grace and man I could never have guessed how much that word would be needed last year. I gave myself permission to use it again this year. I think more than ever I need to give my family grace, myself grace and focus on some self care. Make some appointments that I've been putting off and focus on prioritizing the important things and letting go of those things that are not!

We had the most low key NYE we ever have before. We couldn't find a babysitter and at first I was sad and disappointed but it ended up being a sweet family night. We took the kids to Uncle Julios for their fun dessert and topped the night off with sparkling water in champagne flutes with skittles inside (hello 1990s with Smirnoff and skittles;))
She was really feeling herself and her outfit;)

I even documented my outfit...all dressed up with only Uncle Julios to go haha
Beau was even festive

Best Nine of 2019







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