f r i d a y favorites


ONE. Sperry duck boots. I am headed to Big Sur with some girl friends next month and I needed some hiking boots. I finally grabbed me some Sperry duck boots. I was super indecisive on the color but decided on these. I can't wait.

TWO. Valentine's Day....I am all in for Valentines already this year....give me all the cute festive hearts and decor. My favorite part is all the heart themed breakfasts and lunches for the kiddos. I started last week, is that too early?!;)

THREE. Vitamins...I shared this post on my IG and got tons of feedback and questions. I also shared these yummy gummy worm vitamins with the disclaimer that dummies aren't the best for kiddos teeth so I recommend taking them with meals, but these are perfect for stubborn kiddos who won't take vitamins.

PS..Olly Vitamins are buy one get one 30% off this week at Target:)

FOUR. Netflix shows...I finished second season of YOU, and oh my!! I am currently watching Dirty John, I listened to the podcast and it is SO disturbing and crazy but so good.

FIVE. 4 day weekend....after a crazy long work week I am SO thankful for a 4 day weekend....need to find something fun for the family to do this weekend. 

Happy weekend Friday friends!!


  1. I like the look of those boots. I watched the second season of YOU and can't wait to see the third.

    1. They are so comfy too. YOU is insane, it gets even crazier, happy watching:)