life lately...

We started out 2020 with a fun trip to Six Flags and out to the Vo's ranch with some of our was th perfect transition into the new year. We are prayerful and hopeful for a redemptive and adventurous year!
Headed to dinner with the fam to celebrate my grandma's 84th birthday. I am seriously loving my new T3 curling iron here

Beau headed on our little adventure

Reunited with her baby Sheppy

The cutest grandma...celebrating her 84th


I used to love standing like this as a kid:)

Addi was so brave. It was SO cute

A sweet lady told me to jump in this picture and I'm SO glad she did

Having a blast at the Vo's. Dirt, climbing, good food, good friends, cold drinks...perfect weekend!

Nothing better than a mule nap

He was literally covered in dirt on every square inch of his body and he was in heaven

2020...we are so ready and excited for you!

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