SNOW in Texas....

You guys Texas weather is SO crazy. I don't think we've actually seen snow in over 3 years...I got a picture of Isabella and Cayson in the same outfit in the snow but it never snowed for me to get one of Addi so it has been that long:( We went from 70 degrees, to scary tornado warnings to snow in the span of 24 hours. The kids excitement was incredible when they woke up to snow....they didn't even get 100% properly dressed they were so excited haha...our fun lasted only a few minutes but they spent more time later on the trampoline when it warmed up a bit. They loved every minute of it and I think Beau actually liked it the most!

Right before the snowy day!! These two:)

He would ring the bell every 5 minutes to go outside to play in the snow!

Back inside for some hot chocolate
Still sad I didn't get a pic of Addi like this!

A little big girl bed update....well we are sorta sleeping. Some nights are better than others. Last night she fell out of the bed once and came down at 4:30 am ready for the day. The night before she slept all far she is winning;) mommy sleep is losing! But I sure adore her

If I lay with her for naps she falls asleep within minutes...bedtime is harder
This was 8:30 last night...after needing water, her ear hurting, her tummy hurting and her leg hurting this time she needed to go pee pee with ALL her doll things...but you can't resist her sweet face
It hits her the lack of sleep right around nap time! 

And totally random but thankful for girl's nights and daddy gets the final bedtime duty. I try to have their teeth brushed, jammies on and quiet time in their rooms before I leave bc I'm good like that;) But he does the final bedtime rounds!

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