Easter basket favorites

Here is your PSA....Easter is only 12 days away and currently Amazon's ship date is April 20th for nonessential items. Goodness I realize now how much I depend on my Amazon shipments and my weekly Target runs right about now. I will tell you I have ordered several items from small shops and a local fun small shop and received my items within 2-3 days. What better time than to support our local small businesses. I'm sad that Easter is going to look SO different this year but we are going to still make the best of it. I'm thinking a surprise drop and run friend Easter egg hunt may be in our future...more details to come but for now here is what we have so far.....

Pink sandals-summer sandal is one of my annual go to additions to my kiddo's Easter baskets. We had these sandals last year and they were a favorite. I already gave my kids theirs but and w love them.
Unicorn ouch pouch-Addi is in the constant falls, constant skid knees and needs an ice pack stage. We have a ton we love in the freezer easy for her to grab and I will be adding this to our collection from one of our local shops.

Cuddle and Kind Unicorn-you know we have an addiction and love for knit dolls. I plan to hang on to my for my kids and future grand babies. I think this adorable unicorn would be the perfect addition to our collection.

Bunny Basket-I am in LOVE with this basket...PS it is way to small to put these items in, it is way smaller than I expected but I love it for decoration.

Monogram hat-my kids are all in need of hats for summer and I am loving this leopard Rey to Z hat. 

Peppa Pig eggs-for my Peppa Pig love of course. She has to have these and we may deliver a few to friends if they arrive in time, crossing fingers.

Leopard bathing suit-I love, love long sleeve one pieces for all the sun protection. I am grabbing Isabella and Addilyn this matching one:)
 Blush sandals||Basket||Monogram hat||Leopard bathing suit||Unicorn bath bomb||Color travel set||Leotard||bath bombs

Blush sandals-repeat from above...these area summer must have

Basket-I love baskets that can be used after Easter...I am loving this option if I decided not to use their normal PBK baskets.

Monogram hat-I let Isabella choose which hat she wanted and she chose a blue monogram hat with pink thread:) She is all about matching momma these days...can't wait for her to have a hat for when she like to copy me:)

Leopard bathing suit-since we swim all the time. Long sleeve one pieces with SPF are my jam!

Unicorn bath bomb-because my kids are obsessed with bath bombs and they are the best end of night incentives for them and provided hours of entertainment. I ordered this set of bath bombs as well for us to hopefully share.

Color travel set-becauase my two big kids are obsessed with writing and coloring. Love this portable set.

Leotard- I grabbed these leo for Isabella and I love it. She isn't into all the glittery leotards for some reason but she will love this one plus it arrived in 3 days! Win, win!

Navy sandals||Monogram hat||Basket||Astronaut puzzle||Lego eggs||Bathing suit

Cayson is my hardest to shop for. He doesn't really need anything and legos and puzzles are his favorite but I can only handle so many legos haha!

Navy sandals-these are his current favorite shoes.

Monogram hat-this camo hat is so good. It sold out right before I went to purchase. I grabbed him a green one and a grey. He will love them.

Basket-This basket would be perfect for all his squishies after Easteer is over.

Astronaut puzzle-for my cute puzzle lover and found it at a local shop who will deliver:)

Lego eggs-Because LEGO addict...also hoping they will come in time for use to share with friends.

Bathing suit-We can't get enough cute bathing suits around here. I am loving this one.

Are you getting yourself prepared for a family at home Easter egg party and hunt? It will be here before we know it and I am almost 100% positive it will be confirmed that we will be at home this year, sigh, tear!!

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