COVID front porch project photos

Haha...the sweetest photographer reached out to our neighborhood to do some #frontporchproject photos and we couldn't say no. Loved getting to capture these and help support a local photographer-Tawni Carr Photography
Trying to include the dogs proved to be an undertaking. Beau is actually the behaved one, Zoe loses her mind when she gets outside haha. 


I envisioned this picture after the photographer left so Marsha grabbed this for us and I could not love it more! SO thankful. This has been a weird season but Isabella keeps telling me "She loves all the family time." Tears hit her yesterday when she asked me if I thought her campout and recital would be cancelled and answered yes. That's when she finally prayed "that the virus would please go away!" I feel ya girl.

It was also a little chili outside but we tried to capture the essence of the family in this season and these just make me smile and laugh!

Can't see Cayson's ipad, Addi still has her paci (oops), Isabella is freezing, I have a beautiful halo around my face and the dogs are least Dennis is looking. 

Gymnastics, dancing and flipping around the bar all day long!

Where's his iPad?! haha. His favorite accessory!

Addi being well Addi:)
And Cayson saying peace out, I'm done;)

We are working on these COVID packets to work through the kids emotions and feelings during this season and have enjoyed them. Are you doing anything special to capture yours or your kids feelings in this season?

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