Puppy must haves....

Our sweet little Beau is 5 months old. Thought I would share a few of our favorites and must haves. We haven't had a puppy, in like over 9 years, so we had to relearn and reteach ourselves ALL the things haha!!

I will say 100%, hands down the bell at the back door and crate training is hands down the best decision we made!

Beau has been ringing the bell honestly since almost day 2 and he has NEVER had an accident in his crate. Life changed. He has had a few accidents, I think covering up old puppy smells (hence we have thrown away a whole room of carpet and a rug), but I can't complain too much. I still swear my Jack Russel terrier was the easiest dog I have ever trained, my Yorkies the world's worst, but oh how I adore Yorkies. When Zoe passes we already agreed another Yorkie will be added to our family.

Rainbow,  Cactus, and Stingray-these are our absolute favorite toys so far.

Crate-these are the best crates...we have used one for every dog we have had. My sweet Yorkies I used a tiny fabric one for by all our bigger dogs have been crate trained in these.

Kong-probably the best puppy toy on the planet...you can't use this right away but about 3 weeks ago we started the peanut butter and treat use of the Kong...amazing!! It entertains Beau for at least 2 hours...

Snuggle puppy-like you would do for a baby this has a little heart beat and vibration to it. It was so helpful especially the first month. I have heard of Goldendoodles that eat every toy but this one. Ours got slightly destroyed but I blame our old rescue for this more than Beau. I think he would have left it in his crate.

Collar-this bowtie collar may be my absolute favorite. SO cute right?!

Stain spray-This is what everyone recommended to use and I think it has worked wonders...beside having to tear up carpet or throwing away a rug;) Though I truly still blame that on the multiples dogs that have come through our house.

Dog food-this is the food our breeder recommended and it is the only kind we have bought and loved.

ALL the puppies...I haven't seen SO many people posting about new puppies as I have this year..apparently it is the year of getting a puppy and especially a Goldendoodle mix. We sure adore ours!!

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