You've been Egged

Every year I try to think of fun, creative, non-candy Easter egg ideas for my kiddos and their school egg hunts. Easter is looking a bit different this year so we have had a change of plans and are making the best of it. We decided to "Egg" a few sweet friends and the kids have loved it. We got "Egged" last week and the kids excitement was priceless. My parents plan to egg us again this weekend. I cannot wait. Have you done this before. I was going to make a printable and I actually drew our first one but I found so many cute ones online so I just used those. Here are two free printables that I found and used...You've been eggedYou've been Egged with empty egg. I love the empty egg to represent the empty tomb idea...we forwent this one for families with kiddos too little to understand and would be upset with hunting an empty egg;) If you have young kiddos and want something fun to do I highly recommend taking them to egg a friend...and you can easily wipe the eggs down with Lysol to stay safe;)

My non-candy fun eggs I got this year are these:
Bath bombs with charms inside for my little Isabella and a few of her friends. I also grabbed a few LOL dolls because duh;) These scrunchies were also on my list but wouldn't arrive in time. 

Legos for my sweet Cayson who is a tractor and Lego addict

And Peppa Pig eggs for my adorable Addi


Happy almost Easter friends!

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