f r i d a y favorites


ONE. Comfy clothes....anyone else searching for all the comfy clothes these days...don't worry I do the jeans try on at least weekly to make sure they still fit...they are more snug currently but they still fit;) But being home all the time, sitting on the floor more with the kids etc I want ALL the comfy clothes. I am here to tell you, you NEED this overall outfit. It comes in 3 colors, can I get it in all 3;) And give me all the kimonos to make wearing shorts as a momma all that much more comfortable.

Isabella LOVES to twin with me right now...like she runs to change after she sees me get dressed:) I love it and am here for it...she had to have this cute romper to match me. I LOVE it. 

TWO. Outdoor fun....I know everyone like us is spending as much time outside as possible. I am currently obsessed with all the floats, sprinklers, and Opalhouse outdoor dishes and pillows. We have stocked up on all the pool float and these adorable dishes and I'm obsessed. 

THREE. Peloton. My sweet hubby ordered me a Peloton week 2 of quarantine because he knows how much I love the gym...apparently everyone had the same idea so ours didn't arrive until May 5th but I could not be more in love. I have always loved spin classes and this does not disappoint. I love that they have all lengths of classes and types. I had to get new shoes because I wanted to keep my Shimano spin shoes ready for when the gym opens one day. Don't forget the delta cleats they aren't included with the shoes. If you have been considering one, I cannot recommend it enough.

I ended up with the black and pink pair because the all black delivery was too far out but I love how light weight the all black pair looks.

FOUR. Sunshine and outdoor fun. This sunshine and warm weather has been giving me life the last few weeks. Following weeks of quarantine and rain it is just what we needed. I declare Vit D and sunshine time around 3:00 every day and we have all come to love it. We bike ride, scooter, trampoline, swim, and often dine outside. So thankful for these sweet spaghetti and ice cream faces...

FIVE. Last but not least....thankful for our sweet Beau. Losing our sweet yorkie Dixie still weighs heavy on all of us. I am so thankful for the most patient, cuddliest teddy bear, I mean dog around...also the adorable, silly girl that loves him so.

SO ready for the weekend and NO school work;)

T-2 weeks til summer...not even sure what that means but at least there will be no school assignments due hanging over our heads!

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