Our weekend...Mother's Day quarantine style

How was your weekend? I'm not going to lie this might have been my most favorite Mother's Day of all. I love my husband, but ahem, he doesn't always get Mother's day right, but this year it was SO perfect.  

Saturday we got Haywire brunch....delicious if you haven't done this...RUN you must. Then my sweet MIL and the fam leisuresly floated around the pool ALL day longe, literally. I'm not sure I could have requested a better Satruday if I had tried. The kids got along SO well, Dennis was our perfect gopher for all the things and my MIL and I just chatted and floated. 
Haywire was AMAZING!!

The cutest set up outside of Haywire
A sleeping baby on my chest floating around the pool....nothing could have made my day more perfect!!

This beautiful girl made me a momma!!
Breaking ice covered toys...easy entertainment

The best MIL anyone could ask for!

Mamaw and Diesel!

When daddy is in charge of covering your cast...tons of duct tape, haha!

We might have a float obsession!
Addi pulled Mamaw all the way across the pool like this for an ice cream bar!!

Sunday...was just as sweet...I woke up to Starbucks and church in bed....got a quick ride on the Peleton then headed to see my family FINALLY. It was truly the best mother's day weekend yet even despite everything going on. Felt so loved and thankful!

This precious girl of mine wants to twin me at any chance she gets and it might be my favorite!

My beautiful trio!

Painting flower pots of mommy!! My parents think of the cutest crafts!

Thankful for my crew!!

They gave me the title I am most thankful and blessed to have-Mommy!

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