Quarantine life lately...

Don't get me wrong..I had a pretty down moment last week just feeling the weight of all that has transpired and changed over the last few months, but this forced slowing down has been so good for my soul and my families too. Without out a forced slow down I feel like I have and would miss so much with my sweet family. I am a go, go, go, and never say no girl and this has taught me so much. I haven't wanted to slow down, truly and as I get older I have become more introverted and I think after all this I will say no more and yes to slow mornings and moments with my little crew.

We have done tons and tons of this:
Never been more thankful for our pool. We have never doubted how much we loved and needed it but this time has proven our obsession:)

This sweet boy...has grown by leaps and bounds lately. I can't even handle that he will be off to whatever kindergarten will look like next year!

This girl and her pup!! They are precious...also her love for band aids continues haha!

We ballooned our church friends and we all loved it. 

Cayson and Addi's preschool had a drive through parade to pick up our school items and celebrate Teacher appreciation week. I cried the whole time...shocker;)

The cutest gift from Cayson's teacher
Celebrating all our teachers...they fought over these;) I don't blame them

ALL our sweet teacher gifts...

We celebrated Cinco de mayo very different this year. Homemade margaritas and Taco Bell was in order since mommy worked and EVERY Mexican food restaurant had lines out their doors. 

Drove by and dropped off goodies with friends for Isabella's teacher...we adore her and are SO sad Isabella's year got cut short with the cutest teacher and sweetest friends.

This boy decided to climb out my window (while parked, I'm not that crazy) and his foot got stuck...buckle fracture it is. Our first broken bone in the house...I guess we are lucky we made it this long!
He lucked out with just a brace for 4 weeks instead of a cast! 
Been dropping off lots of Rodan and Fields goodies...always have to throw in something fun with them!
Lash boost and the Amp MD roller are my favorite!

Sleeping babies will always be my favorite...snuck these this week...

To my sweet girl who wants to trade in her bunk bed for a better sleepover bed.....

And this boy that sleeps on top of his comforter so he doesn't mess up his bed...

And this precious one that doesn't like to sleep alone....

I COULD NOT love you more!

Happy Thursday friends...is that what day it is? I can't keep track these days!

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