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ONE. BLACK LIVES MATTER. My heart has been heavy and my words seem to fail and don't seem to want to come out eloquently enough as I would like but I KNOW my heart feels for our black families who suffer something that I will never know or feel the depths of. I have always known it was present but this weeks events have made it more forefront in my mind that something I had hoped was gone isn't. We have to be the generation to make racism stop. I am absolutely loving all the quotes and resources I have found on Instagram. We have had some good, heavy talks with our kiddos who respond...we know mommy. They truly see all skin color as the same and for that I am thankful and hope and pray we continue to build that foundation for them.  

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TWO. Biker shorts...apparently biker shorts are the new leggings for summer. Have you grabbed some for yourself yet?! I'm on the hunt. I'm thinking I'll grab one of these Atheleta or Spanks pairs. I NEED some right!?

THREE. One pieces....I am currently maybe just a little obsessed with one pieces and kimonos. This will be my summer attire I believe. I just got this one in I had ordered for 4th of July and I am OBSESSED. It is SO flattering and comfortable. I promise you need it in your life!! My friends also swear by the Summersalt one pieces. They all look amazing in them and they have so many fun colors.

FOUR. Top. I grabbed this top at Target the other day and I'm obsessed. It comes in red and white which would both be perfect for 4th of July. I may have to go back for the red one. I'm also loving this 'Merica shirt!! Can you tell I have the 4th of July on my mind?

FIVE. Charcuterie boards...I've been addicted to making these this last year. The kids LOVE them and they are the perfect statement for any gathering. I made two large ones this week for a couple of gatherings we hosted.

Kid's style

Girl's summer night!!

So ready for the weekend!

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