f r i d a y favorites


ONE. Back to school shopping...since I can remember back to school shopping has always been a favorite. And not just clothes shopping because we didn't really do that often, I'm talking school aisle heaven, haha! I am sad Isabella and I won't get our annual back to school shopping trip in with our besties but hopefully we can make that up soon. I took the kids to get their school supplies yesterday and I probably enjoy it more than I should;) We found some of the cutest finds at Target as usual. I let Cayson grab a new lunch box and of course he grabbed this Minecraft one, let them be little Stephanie, let them be little haha! It was on sale for only $7 so we can always "accidentally lose" it later;)

My favorite hack is to put carry on bins inside the cart to keep kid's items separated...so much easier
The kid's needed headphones and they chose these:) Love the colors
These Cat & Jack masks are a favorite. I love that they go over the nose and they are so breathable.

All the Cat & Jack graphic tees are $5 until Sunday...I grabbed these 3 for Cayson. They have tons of new gaming ones perfect for a Video game party;)

If you've been around a while you know my love for metal drink containers and Thermos. I am obsessed with these new colors. Remind me of the Hydroflask colors:)

The back to school section in the dollar spot is spot on. Love these Flash card holders and they have tons of cute lunch must haves. 

TWO. Isabella's recital...Isabella got to have a faux "dance recital" last night and it was so precious. It was held at her dance studio and so well done. We are so thankful for Isabella's dance studio who truly did it right and kept some normalcy for the kids. We continued to pay for all the kid's extracurricular places during April and May to try to help support them and we are so proud of how Woga gymnastics, Emler Swim School and Frisco Dance Studio handled the shut down and reopening. We are forever grateful for the precautions they took and how they cared for our kids through this process. Addi is now swimming, Isabella loves acrodance and gymnastics and Cayson is flying up the levels in gymnastics. 
My girl
THREE. Bubble bath. My sweet friend Allison gifted this for me for my birthday and it's up there with my laundry detergent on favorite scents. Plus, it makes the perfect bubbles. She tied it with leopard ribbon of course and it was so cute! You need it, I promise. 

FOUR. Mini + Me official....the girls got some new Mini + Me official matching outfits for themselves and the dolls and they are to die for. They are buttery soft and precious. If you have a little one that loves to match her dolls, run!
Beauty and the Beast is Addi's current favorite movie!! She's obsessed. I think I change her and her dolls outfits 3 times a day:)
This dress is perfection for a rainbow or unicorn party!

Love these sweet girls!

FIVE. Nordstrom's sale...I know everyone is covering this sale but thought I would show my absolute favorites again in case you missed my earlier post:)

Happy Friday friends!

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