f r i d a y favorites




ONE. Kid's Halloween books...scored some of the cutest new Halloween book additions for the kid's book shelves This cat shaped book and Gustavo, the shy ghost are my favorites. 

TWO. Halloween decorating and crafting. When do you start decorating for Halloween? I'm usually an October 1st girl. I start fall decor in September, then do Halloween for October and Thanksgiving for November. I started a few fun Halloween crafts already because I just couldn't not! 
Had so much fun crafting these skeletons....

Grabbed all of these on the hunt for a skull to paint at the Dollar store for $3.24. Paint is from Target:)

THREE. Meal planning...this week I got 2 WHOLE DAYS with all the kids in school....it was magical. This is the first time I've been alone since April. Insane. Didn't realize how much this momma heart just needed a few days of silence, endlessly roaming the aisles of Market Street, Target and Home Goods....it was so good for my soul...anyways I'm not usually a grocery shopping girl...I do all mine at Target and Dennis does the Market Street and Kroger runs but he showed me these incredible Buy one get one deals at Market Street that we couldn't pass up. In one day we planned the whole week plus had meat to freeze. AMAZING! I highly recommend checking out their weekly ads. I still think Target is WAY cheaper for day to day stuff but you can't ever beat buy 1, get 1.

FOUR. Week haul...remember that part about getting to roam Target and Home goods. Yep, I did it. I haven't stepped foot in Home Goods since before April and to be honest until Addi started school I hadn't been in years but it felt so good to be there this week. I found this adorable toy for Beau for $2. Yes, $2. I am going to add Home Goods into my routine of places to stop in on occasion more. You can't beat the deals I found on dog toys, bowls, wrapping paper and Halloween decor.

And my Target haul. This buckets were $1 each. Every Halloween we are always looking for more buckets so I couldn't pass them up. And this $3 ghost balloon, I mean SO cute. 

Isabella is obsessed with her new LED phone charger and so am I. Now I need one. I came home with this new charger, this adorable diffuser, a color on $1 squishee, her own Lavender essential oil for her room and you would have thought I bought her the moon. Her sweet spirit and thankful heart is absolutely the best. Also, I think her love language is gifts like her mama;)

Beau approved...and for $2 I didn't care that he destroyed it in 2 days

FIVE. I Love Plum tutu. After tons of searching I was finally able to snatch this tutu for Addi for Halloween. Can you guess our costumes? She's worn a Plum tutu every Halloween so far:) 

Happiest Friday!

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