Cinnamon roll waffles....

Thought I'd share a few fun Halloween-y things we've been up to...

First up...

These crazy easy cinnamon roll waffles....
Need any small waffle maker (the Dash mini makers are my favorite....we have all the holiday themed ones:))
One package of cinnamon rolls

Place one uncooked cinnamon roll on heated waffle maker. Cook 1-2 minutes until brown.

Serve with icing or syrup.

SO easy and fun. We also did this for Valentine's day with the heart waffle maker;)

We've boo'd all the friends. Cutest printable from Klosandco

Our Halloween book nook complete!

And the kids got their yearly boo baskets complete with the cutest Halloween pjs you ever did see. 

Cayson's Halloween costume got lost in the mail...I'm hoping my reorder makes it in time:(

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