f r i d a y favorites



ONE. Halloween....T-2 days....I cannot wait. Our family costumes were quite the chore this year but I cannot wait. Finished up all the fun decor in the house, boo'd all the friends, made all the fun snacks and lunches...I'm struggling this year with keeping up my pumpkins for Thanksgiving. All the Christmas things makes me want all the things up already. Last year when I hosted Thanksgiving our house was pretty bipolar with both...maybe we'll do that again this year!

These witch hats were the most fun, easy, cheap addition this year. Comes in an 8 pack:)

Cayson snuck these teeth on under his mask and told me he was going to scare his teacher. He had the best teacher conference report and my momma heart was so thankful. He is thriving and loving kinder!

I find festive lunches, probably, way too fun;)

TWO. Quay sunnies...first of all I VOTED with the cutest sidekick!! But can we take a moment and appreciate these new Quay sunglasses!! I'm in love!

THREE. Booties....Target has the cutest Sorel dupes right now. I have the camel Joan of Arc Sorel's and they are an absolute favorite. I just grabbed these black dupes and can't wait to get them in. I promise these booties don't disappoint. SO comfortable and the wedge is so flattering!


FOUR. Rainbow party...this time of year seems to just get me all sorts of overwhelmed...Halloween, all the fall things, Izzy's birthday, then Thanksgiving and Christmas, whew...I'm tired just thinking about it. I finally think I have my mind ready to tackle Izzy's birthday party. All the things have been ordered and planned for a few months but all the final details finally came together! Hoping the weather cooperates for a fun outdoor sleepover and movie night! 

FIVE. Current faves...I'm working on a favorite sweater post but for now I'm going to leave this one right here. I have it in 2 colors and it does not disappoint. So comfortable and the perfect length for leggings. Also every girls night outing we discover new favorites and must haves that we each need and order by the end of the evening. These leggings in any color are a must as well. I grabbed the leopard and am in love. The pocketed version is to die for. Also, for my party favor I grabbed the most comfy Jessica Simpson slippers. We may be a little bit extra but party favors on our girl's weekends have become an instant favorites. 
The party favors...okay, we are WAY extra!

Happy Halloween Eve!! I'm so ready for the weekend!

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