Christmas pajama favorites


Who doesn't love an adorable Christmas pajama set? For a girl who said I wouldn't put my girls in all the pink stuff I'm currently obsessed with all things pink and blush. All these adorable pink Christmas PJs this year are giving me life. I mentioned before that I grabbed these matching sets for my kiddos this year. I accidently ordered an adult small instead of a kid's small for Addi and you better believe I kept them and will plan to get a pic of myself in them with the kids...I won't inflict Dennis but I can't wait!

These Marvel gingerbread pjs are so perfect for any boy in your life or sweet girl that loves super heroes. These blush Gingerbread  pajamas are absolutely adorable. Also, obsessed with this pink Santa/Reindeer pair and sweet classic gingerbread house. And you honestly just can't beat a classic buffalo plaid. 

 These donut ones are to die for...I think our Elves will be delivering these to the kiddos December 1st. Speaking of much as I dreaded it last year and how much work it was, I cannot wait!! Do you do the Elf on a shelf thing? My kid's faces every morning made it all worth it!

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