Happy Thanksgiving

 Goodness what a year 2020 has been. Covid tests are done and our table is set. So ready to hug on some family and sadly will be missing some this year. SO thankful for so much this year and feeling all the feels. Hope you and your sweet families have a blessed one. 

Sharing a few pics from my Friendsgiving a few weeks ago and our table set up for our family feast.

Delicious apple cider punch

One bottle of champagne 
2 cups Apple cider
3 oz Vodka
Sprig of rosemary and slivered apples

I doubled mine....SO good!

For Friendsgiving I did leaf plates and loved the look

I decided I needed this family stuffing recipe somewhere on the blog so I'm putting it here:)
I promise it won't disappoint. We made it 4 times this Thanksgiving season and it was a crowd favorite every time. 

Bonnie's sausage stuffing

3 cans of chicken stock
2 chicken bouillon
3 sticks of butter (I use 2;))-Bonnie loved butter
1 pound sausage 
1/2 bunch celery chopped
2 white ones chopped (I use one unless doubling)
Grounded sage
Poultry seasoning
1 package Pepperidge Farm Herb season stuffing

Brown sausage in a large skillet.
In a pot, put 2.5 cans chicken stock, 2 chicken bouillon, celery, onions and 2 sticks of butter (this is where I use 1)
Bring to a boil then simmer while adding 1 stick of butter, sage, and poultry seasoning to taste
In a large bowl combined package of stuffing along with above results. Add any additional chicken stock to keep moist.
Stir all together and add to a baking pan
Bake for 30 min at 350 degrees

Happiest Thanksgiving friends..

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