His and her Christmas gift guide

 Gift guides finally coming in hot, starting with His&Her guides...they were a labor of love this year. I truly have struggled with what to get people this year and I hope this is helpful...more to come tomorrow and Wednesday. 

ICE MAKER:: Okay this is pricey but if you like to do just one couple's gift for Christmas I love this idea. We entertain so much a nugget ice maker would be the perfect gift idea for us to give ourselves:)

VACUUM:: This is the cordless Dyson that has changed our lives...I'm telling you if you spend money on anything for your home this year...this should be it. We have the animal bc #dogs but this V8 version is so good if you don't need that power. Trust me when I say that if you have floors you need one;)

TV:: We are not in the market for a new TV but I am obsessed with this new Frame TV trend. When we need to replace ours I will definitely be getting one. This is perfect especially with those with a TV over their fire place mantel. 

WINE CHILLER:: This Swig insulated wine chiller is perfect for the entertainer or really anyone that loves wine. Perfect to take out on the patio in the evenings or set out for a gathering. 
NECKLACE:: A kid's name necklace is on the top of my list this year, hint, hint;) I love this look and will definitely be making sure the hubs realizes this too!

PURSE:: This purse is on my dream list...this is for the woman who has everything..this purse is a classic and can be easily dressed up or down. Loving this YSL as well. I mean I'll take any nice black purse this year;)

SLIPPERS:: My current Ugg slippers are so worn out. I am loving this style for him and her! This men's version is perfection for the men in your life. 

MEN'S UNDER ARMOUR PANTS:: These pants are an absolute favorites of Dennis'. They are comfortable but also dressy enough to wear out and about unlike some sweat pants;)

TILE LOCATOR:: I discovered these Tile stickers this year and if you know someone that is constantly losing their keys, wallet, etc these are life changing. You can stick them right onto the item and use the app to locate them. I got them for Dennis for his birthday and they have been a life saver and he doesn't have to ask me everyday where is wallet is, ahah. This keychain version is also a favorite, got it for my MIL several years ago and she loves it. 

WOOD TRAY:: Loving this wood tray...perfect for charcuterie boards, smores nights and snack trays:)

APPLE WATCH:: Dennis and I are both in need of new Apple Watches. Mine is 4 years old and doesn't sync with my new phone anymore. I've been eyeing the gold version:)

Happy Christmas shopping. What's on your list? What else do I need?!;)

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