Kid's Christmas gift guides

Like I've said in the past we try to keep Christmas some what simple and aren't over the top. We stick to the Something you want, Something you wear, Something you need, Something you read, a big Santa gift and stockings full of fun! I truly panic the day before Christmas every year that I don't have enough but you know what my kids get plenty and they still think it's the best! Last year getting our puppy Beau may not be topped but I am hopeful this year will be special. 

We don't have a baby this year but we have lots of little cousins to shop for and who can help but love browsing all the cute baby things!?

Maileg Noah's arc::I discovered this after our babies were too big but I have eyed it ever since. I truly think it is the perfect baby gift. 

Teether:: These style tethers are hands down my favorites. We discovered them with Addi and still put them in the freezer and use them for busted lips. SO cute and practical. 

Rainbow stacker:: This sweet little stacker is the perfect toy and decorative addition to a room or playroom. It also comes in primary colors:)

Baby keepsake:: I wish I had discovered this sooner. This is the sweetest little baby keepsake. Room for sonograms, pictures, small items from the hospital and the first year of life.

Play mat:: This beautiful rendition of a play mat, why do baby items just get cuter and cuter. This would be so beautiful in a nursery. My kids all had play mats and loved them. 

Dock A Tot:: These are a must have for sweet babies. You can size up as they get bigger. Love that they kind of cocoon them in. 

Cuddle and kind:: I truly think every kids needs one of these Cuddle and Kind dolls. Each of my kids has a least 2 and I plan to keep them forever and pass them down to their kiddos. This newer Elephant is beyond precious, I think we need it. 

Hatch Sound machine:: this sound machine is the best every. It can be controlled on your phone and can double as a night light and okay to wake style light. Must have!

A few others....this Baby Stella doll is a great first baby doll. Every kid needs a good ride on toy, this fox is precious. 
Noah's arc:: I can't pass up a good wooden classic toy. I prefer them over the plastic version. These kind of classics are keepsakes in my opinion. 

Dr. Kit:: This wooden classic set fits my love for classic toys. Love the little bag too. 

Our world book: this book is perfect for our Something you read gift. Perfect little size and the illustrations are perfection. 

Make up kit:: another perfect wooden set. These will hold up so much nicer than our plastic versions. 

American girl Wellie Wisher Doll outfits:: it is so hard to find cute doll clothes for the smaller American Girl Wellie Wishers. This set is perfect and will definitely be under our tree for the girsl.

Doll bed:: loving this classic doll bed. Would look so precious in any room or nursery. 

Canopy:: a canopy is on my list for Addilyn's room this year. She needs this in the corner of her room, I've been eyeing this one or a darker one. 

Doll diaper bag:: I keep eyeing this for Addi, I missed it last year but am thinking she NEEDS this, this year. 

Microphone:: we got this microphone for Izzy several years ago and it still is a favorite.

Ice cream truck:: love this cute classic ice cream truck. 

Letters:: these resin letters are perfect for working on letters and spelling. I've been eyeing them for months and they sell out quick. 

Maileg Princess and the Pea:: My kids are obsessed with Maileg mice and this one might be on of my absolute favorites. 

A few extras...I couldn't help but share this play kitchen. It is beautiful, our kids still play with our kitchen all the time. This iridescent star piggy bank is so precious, doubles as cute decor. 

Nintendo switch:: I finally found one of these for Cayson's birthday and we love it. It is also great to take in the car and when traveling. 

Barber kit:: I've never seen a cuter barber kit in my life. If you have a boy interested in this at all this is a must have. 

Tree house:: This tree house is hands down a favorite in our house. They play LOL dolls, dinosaurs, family, you name it, they play it with this tree house. Also, this grill is a classic and still a favorite. 

Canoe sleeping bag:: I'm not sure I have ever seen a cuter sleeping bag. This would be adorable as a school nap mat as well:) It even comes with an oar. 

Back pack:: This back pack is not only a favorite for school but we use it for travel and quick overnight stays. So much easier than lugging a suitcase sometimes.

Helmet cover:: I haven't seen a cuter helmet cover ever. They have several different ones and they are all precious.  Dinoski also has the cutest ski gear I've ever seen. Pricey but amazing...I mean look at this dinosaur one. 

Bike:: I'm obsessed with non-character classic bikes and this one fits the bill. We got Addi the smaller one last year!

Hover board:: I'm not sure Cayson (or I) are ready for any emergency room visits from a hover board but it is definitely on my list, thinking maybe for his next birthday. 

Another fun extra...this piggy bank may be headed under our tree since Cayson just shattered his old one:) If you have a Harry Potter fan this one is to die for. This boy bean bag is so good, I have a feeling this will be on Cayson's list after Isabella gets one. 

Gymnastics bar:: We got this for Addi for her birthday right before quarantine and this thing gets so much love. The kids and their friends play on it every single day. It is adjustable and with the mat feels very safe. 

Lap desk:: This lap desk is so perfect. Thinking this would be the prefect gift for Izzy as she is doing more night time reading and journaling. 

Lounge pillow:: Isabella has been asking for one of these for so long. I'm debating between this or the lap desk for her this year. 

Destira Leoatard:: Isabella saw this Leo at gymnastics last week and we all drooled over it. Several will definitely be under our tree for her. 

Craft kit:: Every kids needs a good craft kit. I love that this kit comes in a storage box. Any toy that comes with storage is a win in my book. 

Bean bag:: Isabella has been begging for a bean bag and I think this is the year to retire the Anywhere chair and get her a bean bag from Santa. Anywhere chairs are also amazing gifts. We buy the classic size and they have lasted us 8+ years. 

Necklace:: We got this for Isabella's birthday this year...this is what she picked and now I think every little girl needs one. 

Bike:: Isabella has gotten mostly hand me down bikes and this is definitely what we will be getting her when she is ready to size up this time. The classic pink, swoon!

A quick extra...if you have preteen this make up organizer is AMAZING!! I need one!

We do something you want, something you wear, something you need, something you read and a big Santa gift so already trying to figure out our perfect gifts this year. What's the top item on your kid's lists?

We finally see Santa on Sunday so I will wait to see what they tell him before I buy their big gifts:)

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