f r i d a y favorites


ONE. Ornaments...I added a few special ornaments this year and I'm in love. This Merry + Bright from Modern Birch Co is easily a favorite. I want ALL her things. This adorable mask one from a sweet friend over at Half Turn Designs....I think everyone needs a special 2020 ornament this year. SO many cute options over on Etsy. Also, I already ordered my annual Shutterfly photo ornament and can't wait to get it, one of my favorite annual traditions. 

TWO. Favorite things party....my favorite things party is coming up next week. This year I grabbed this Bum Bum gift set...my love for ALL their products runs deep. You can see last years Favorite things here....a few items I left on them because they are all time favorites!!

THREE. Festive lunches and snacks....are still coming in hot but I have packed less this month since my kids keep wanting to buy their lunches;) 

FOUR. Elfie...Elf on the Shelf is coming in strong. I fought this fun tradition as long as I could but we had to take the plunge last year because the kid's school friends all had one and we are loving it...PS I have jumped out of bed no less than 5 times already forgetting to move Elfie and we are only on day 12! Haha! Send me all your ideas. 

Elfie brought the kids the cutest Christmas masks....love them and most they can continue to wear. 

FIVE. Whimsy Wellness....I discovered Whimsy Wellness last month and I am in love. They have the most beautiful rollers and spray bottle for Essential oils. Peace, Stress away, and Pain Ease are my favorite rollers to make as gifts. I grabbed these beautiful spray bottles to make some mask sprays for my kiddos. Thieves cleaner in these big bottles are also a favorite gift. I print out pretty gold labels on my Silhouette...instant beautiful gift. 

And I'll leave this photo right here.....when your favorite dress from last year still fits and you get to "hang out with mommy" instead of go to school kind of feeling. 

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