Want, Need, Read, Wear, Santa gift ideas

After seeing Santa I thought I would share what we actually purchased for each kiddo this year for Christmas:) The Santa visit throws me off every year. We visited too late last year and I was scrambling. SO glad we went early this year.


Isabella read her full list that was topped with a phone and laptop. While she isn't getting either I am going to allow her to use her own money to buy a Chromebook after Christmas if she still is wanting one. This is the Chromebook I would have her get and definitely get her this stylus. A fur bean bag will be her Santa gift:) She's been asking for one all year. This "If I had a little dream" book is beautiful, a must have. Isabella and I are obssessed with these Desitra gymnastics leotards. So fun, unique and well made. This adorable lap desk is going to be so perfect for her night time reading:)

Cayson asked for slippers (need), BB gun (which he's asked for before) we will likely get one for him and he will only use it with direct supervision with dad, and a desk. He has been asking for a desk but I was concerned about making room for one in his bedroom but I think I've figured out how to make it work. This will be his big Santa gift, getting him this desk and this chair. I got him "Good morning Zoom" as his book since that is how he started kindergarten, something we definitely want to remember. 

Addi asked for....wait for it "a pooping mingo." Yep she wants that dang pooping flamingo that is apparently the hot item this year. I just paid $60 for one, insert all the eye rolls, but that's all she requested and Santa prompted her with "maybe some baby dolls too" and she shook her head yes. I already ordered her this American girl Wellie Wisher clothes and the adorable Princess and the Pea Maileg mouse, I could die. She's the easiest yet hardest because she doesn't really "need" anything. Addi's needed a little canopy for a reading nook in her room and I love this one. "The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be" is the cutest book ever and is under the tree for Addi.

It feels good to be almost done shopping:)
They will all be definitely getting some fun things in their stockings including some LOL dolls of course. 

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