f r i d a y favorites




ONE. Dash mini waffle maker...if you don't have of these yet you NEED one. I'm seriously obsessed. I make biscuits, cinnamon rolls, waffles, eggs.....everything in this thing. My hubby found some fun sandwich ideas we are going to try next. This heart is currently sold out but restocks often and some Target stores still have stock:)

TWO. Label maker....I'm a label maker addict. I label EVERYTHING with either this Dymo printer, the fun old school embossing one or use my Silhouette. Never underestimate the fun of labeling all the things;) If you are organize obsessed or trying to get there you need one. 

Labeling all the attic bins!

THREE. Kids rooms...I was SUPER sad to take down all the kids Christmas decorations but then decided I loved the simplicity of their rooms and moved their desks:)

FOUR. Amazon sweaters...I got these two new tops in while in quarantine and I finally got dressed and enjoyed them this week. 

I have this sweater in the white and black single heart and needed another this year:)

Camo top perfect for leggings...so comfortable.

FIVE. Mini fridge....Are these pink mini fridges, perfect for an office for drinks or in the bathroom for your beauty products. I'm obsessed! This Fridgidaire is so perfect too, and the red is on sale for $26. 

Happiest Friday friends....thankful to be slowly on the mend. 

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