Easter basket faves

 Whew...not sure why this took me so long to compile (probably because our kids "need" nothing," and also how in the world is Easter almost here. I keep Easter baskets pretty simple, usually bathing suits and new spring shoes with some added candy fluff. This is what our kiddos will be getting with some added fluff;)

Addi is all about Barbies these days. A mermaid Barbie is the perfect summer find for her. I have been eyeing this leopard bathing suit and think it will be perfection. Grabbed these gold sliders for her and they are precious and only $9.99. I love me a good rainbow stacker and this shirt has the best colors. I love to keep their baskets practical and love these jelly bags for the girls, though I will probably use their typical PBK baskets this year since I missed my favorite colors of them. 

Isabella has been begging for a Mermaid tail for swimming and she is finally a strong enough swimmer to use one with supervision. She has also been asking for stretch bands, she is going to be SO excited for these. I grabbed her these adorable rainbow shorts and t-shirt-perfect for spring. These coloring boards are perfect for travels and restaurants to draw and write. 
Cayson has been begging for a 1000 piece Lego set but I think we will start with one like this one;) Target has them buy one get one 50% off right now. This tank and sunglasses...scream summer. I love me a good pair of Natives and love this white pair for Spring/Summer. My kids as you know are bug collecting obsessed and this cute one with a magnifying glass is so perfect. Love this wire basket for storing his nerf guns in his room so is so practical. 

T-10 days until Easter...are you ready?

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