f r i d a y favorites




ONE. Minnidip pools....I have been obsessed with the Minnidip pools for years and finally grabbed us one for the summer. Even though we have a big pool our kids are always asking for a baby pool to play in. I am going to fill it with white balls for Addi's small birthday party for a few littles that will be there. They even have adorable splash pads too, I grabbed mine when Target had their 20% off fun run and am so excited. 

This blush one is to die for...I seriously almost couldn't decide on this over the tie dye one. You guys literally sold out the tie dye...I will update if it comes back. 

This tie dye is going to be adorable filled with balls and balloons and matches Addi's party perfectly.

This black and white is perfection for the boys in your life...

TWO. Patio accessories....all this sunshine we've had this week has me dreaming of patio weather. I popped into Crate and Barrel this week for a birthday gift and fell in love with all their patio accessories. I mean, can you even?

THREE. Lippy Clips...if you've been around a while you've seen me share my love for Lippy Clips. The kids each have one on every backpack and I change mine out regularly on my keychain. She also now carries Saniclips  for your hand sanitizer. The best! 

FOUR. Spring is coming....Spring is coming which means sunshine, patios, some showers and all the things that bring my soul to life haha. I stocked up on some essentials for the kiddos before spring break and wanted to share. Target has some of the cutest graphic tees, bathing suits and shorts right now! Now to fix up momma's closet a bit!

FIVE. Heirloom haul/Flea Style.....if you are a Dallas or Frisco local and haven't visited the Flea Style in Dallas or Frisco they are so fun. The rainbow mural outside of the Dallas location is a must and eating at Heirloom haul with your girl gang is a must. I love them both. Addi essentially snatched the cutest sunglasses yesterday and it was hilarious, don't worry I went back in and paid for them...I mean how could I say no to her! 

Also, ballet Tuesdays have become her favorite days hands down and mine for sure when I get the day off with her!

Also, these bows from Emilia's Bo Co are an Easter must have


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