SnoVID 2021

Goodness what a whirlwind of a year its been. After the craziest January thanks to COVID, Texas experienced Snopocalypse 2021, also known as SnoVID at our house. We reached record low temperatures for a week straight...Texas people and homes are just not prepared for this type of temperatures. The devastation and damage was not comprehendible. I was thankfully able to make it to and from work safely and we were very blessed to not lose power for multiple days like so many people we know. We ended up housing two friend's families whose home's temps dropped below 45 degrees...6 adults (8 some days), 7 kids (9 some days), 3 dogs and endless hours of entertainment and fun. We built snowmen, played games and tried our best to stay busy. 

Beau was in absolute heaven

Will never take advantage of water, especially hot water ever again

Amazing bath scrub that smells and feels like heaven from Aniya Summer

Who knew masks would be the best thing to keep your faces warm!

The essential fridge

The most beautiful drive....

grocery stores were getting SO bare...due to lack of ability to get food delivered and power outages

Saving water to boil if needed

The snow was almost too soft to build a real snowman

That's a lot of precious kiddos curled up by the fire!

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