Five on Friday

Mummy pumpkin  FIVE



ONE. Pot for towels…I shared this hack on Instagram and I’m still loving it. I always struggled with where to store our towels. 

TWO. Girls nights…hosting and girls nights two of my most favorite things! These were two super simple gatherings. I try to keep food and easy so I can enjoy the company and not stress. One night I grabbed chips, queso and Salsa from our favorite neighborhood restaurant, Sala Tex mex. For book club I grabbed Cava and it was delicious! And a charcuterie is always a must in my house. 

And Cookie Rack cookies always!

THREE. Outdoor table…I’ve eyed this table for years finally jumped on it for outside…we got tired of having no where to place our drinks. 

FOUR. Owala water bottles and Minted labels! These Owala bottle my sweet friend introduced me to are amazing and perfect colors. I have been obsessed with Minted labels for school items and clothes for years. Loving these new colors. 

FIVE. Halloween favorites!! You guys I bought this gold skeleton this week and I’m officially ready to start decorating for fall. Are you team fall decor now or Halloween? Still feels early for Halloween for me but it’s almost that time!

Witches hats…these are a Halloween must have. I hung them from the ceiling in my study last year and loved them.

Oh my Gourd mat…this is on the top of my purchase list this year.

Skull pan…we used this pan with friends so much last year. You can make calzones, muffins…the uses are endless.

Ghost mug…they’ve had this for several years and it’s still a favorite.

Pumpkins charcuterie board…if you know me you know I’d love this. 

Mummy pumpkin…found the at Target and fell in love instantly 

Black pumpkin….these come in 3 sizes and are absolutely perfection with a diffuser inside! 

Happiest Friday friends! 

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