Five on Friday


ONE. Veuve Clicquot....we had a girls' game night/Bday party for our sweet friend Sally. There is an incredibly fun story behind the Veuve. I don't always drink Veuve but when I do its with these momma friends  and $1000;) Beth knocked it out of the park with the decor per usual...but also can we all agree that the Veuve colors make the best party decor.


Our gift from Emily and I...I found these incredible cups and printable on Etsy!!

Beth found these adorable MVP (more Veuve please) shirts and of course we had to have them!

TWO. FIGS scrubs and shoes....I have worn the most unflattering and uncomfortably surgical scrubs for almost 10 years and will probably still do so, but I am going to help one of my favorite surgeons in her office for a few months and was so excited to finally grab some FIGS scrubs....I went with the joggers and cap sleeve top that I will either love or hate and obviously needed new shoes because my Danskos (that I love) would look terrible with them. I went with these that I have been eyeing forever but these were a close second;) PSA....Madewell has 20% off everything right now, run!! I got my shoes for $80!!

THREE. Pumpkin lunches....tis the season for festive lunches and I'm ready for it!!

Lunchbots...our oldest one has lasted us 8 years so far!!

We grabbed the rainbow and lightning bolt lunchboxes this year! we love only complaint is they don't have a water bottle holder

FOUR. Dream dinners....I went to Dream dinners with some of my faves last night and I highly recommend. Cristina had been before and I had one of the meals and it was delicious! We made 12 dinners in an hour and each went home with 4-6 meals...If you like having yummy dinners to throw in the oven/crockpot for the week I highly recommend.

FIVE. Selphy printer...I've shared this printer on Instagram several times and it has saved me 3 times already this year for school pictures.. It prints quick 4x6 photos, I have mine connected via Wifi so I don't even have to be in the same room. WINNING!! Take that school projects...I've also heard the CVS app is so nice for quick 1 hour prints...I'm apparently too last minute for that too!

Happiest Friday friends!!

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  1. Looks like a fun birthday party! And I really like those shoes.